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What is Broadside Studios?

At Broadside we haven't forgotten how or where we started and the struggles we faced whilst trying to make films. We also haven't forgotten the kindness and support we were shown by our friends, families and other industry professionals.


Because we haven't forgotten, we have set up Broadside Studios. 

Broadside Studios is a community group allowing Broadside to produce short films for or with people who have the idea but not necessarily the experience or 'know how' on how to do it. 

Being a community group, we are able to work at cost of production whilst finding creative solutions to expensive hurdles, keeping those daunting costs down. 

Broadside Studios also have a small studio suitable for setting up green screens or even building sets inside providing a great cheap alternative to hiring expensive studios. 

Broadside Studios also values the importance of learning and getting experience, and we know that sometimes experience can be hard to come by, and so we run training sessions. These sessions can vary in length, and we tailor them to your specific requirements reccommending the length of the program to ensure you can get as much out of it as possible 

The Pathway
Our studio space being transformed into a morgue for a shoot.
The Studio has been transformed for filming of a ritual for a music video.

Take a look at what we did with Sazani Media here (2016):

Take a look at what we did with two budding writers from Ferryside here (2021):

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