BTS from Morgue



A shot from Protein

Coming 2022

A gym-obsessed serial killer murders and eats a local drug dealer for their protein, inadvertently sparking a brutal and bloodthirsty tit-for-tat turf war between rival drug gangs.


Directed By: Tony Burke

Written By: Tony Burqe & Mike Oughton

Where's it At?: Post Production

In Absentia

Our 220th Slate for In Absentia

Coming Soon

After a mysterious attack on a mountain summit, Molly is left without her memories or husband. As she learns the truth about what happened, she discovers the memories might be better left forgotten.

Written & Directed By: Christopher T. Lang

Where's it At?: Post Production


The Jackdaw Logo

Broadcasting Summer 2022

A troubled vagabond who ends the suffering of strangers must make an impossible choice when the time comes to keep an old promise.

Funded By: Beacons Ffilm Cymru Wales 

Written & Directed By: Mac Nixon

Where's it At?: Film Festivals & Awaiting Broadcast

Stuff, Things & Sarsaparilla

A shot of a shot from STAS

Pilot Episode Coming 2022

A comedy sketch show like no other. A variety of hilarious sketches tied together by a unique, meta, overarching storyline involving the writer, his stuffed Dog, and two producers who may or may not be supernatural. 

Directed By: Tom Gripper

Written By: Derek Palmer

Where's it At?: Pitching


A Wrap Photo from Screbs

Coming Soon

Welcome and Croseo to Wales' lost and forgotten one-town county of Posgobinshire ...where the mundane meets the magical and Derw Derw is the least nutty of the nutters.

Written & Directed By: James Button

Where's it At?: Pitching